Coming Soon: New Hi-Fi Streaming Service Powered by MQA

Coming Soon: New Hi-Fi Streaming Service Powered by MQA

Coming Soon: New Hi-Fi Streaming Service Powered by MQA 

Imagine having access to a library of music that sounds exactly as the artist intended, with all the depth, detail, and emotion of a live performance. That's the promise of the new hi-fi streaming service soon to be launched by Lenbrook, the company that acquired MQA technology last year.  

Previously integral to Tidal's high-quality streaming service, MQA faced challenges that led to the company's bankruptcy and subsequent acquisition. Tidal has since shifted to also offer other lossless audio formats such as FLAC.  

With this announcement, Lenbrook aims to create a brand-new streaming service offering hi-fi quality audio made possible by their MQA technology. More details about their plans are expected to become public later this month. This service isn't just for audiophiles; it's for anyone who loves music and wants to experience it in the highest quality possible.  

What is MQA? 

MQA, or Master Quality Authenticated, is a groundbreaking audio technology designed to deliver studio-quality sound in a format that's easy to stream or download. It packs an enormous amount of detail into a small file, ensuring that you hear music precisely as it was recorded in the studio, without needing a massive amount of data or a super-fast internet connection. 

Why Does Lossless Matter? 

You might have heard the term "lossless audio" before—it's a type of digital music file that doesn't lose any data during file compression. This is different from the MP3s most of us grew up with, which sacrifice some sound quality to keep file sizes small. Lossless audio means you're getting every single note and nuance the artist recorded. It’s like having the band play live in your living room, rather than listening through a closed door. 

Lenbrook's Vision with MQA Technology 

With the acquisition of MQA, Lenbrook isn't just continuing a legacy of quality; they're pushing it into new territories. Their forthcoming music service will leverage MQA to offer a "real choice" to listeners, whether you're a long-time hi-fi enthusiast or just someone who appreciates great sound. This service will blend the convenience of streaming with the richness of high-fidelity audio, making it accessible on various devices without complex setups. 

Audioengine's Role: Enhancing the Experience 

At Audioengine, our home music systems are the perfect companion to Lenbrook's new service. Our speakers are designed to reproduce every detail and depth of sound captured by MQA technology. Whether you're using our compact desktop speakers or a full-room setup, you'll feel every beat and breath exactly as it was intended, making your music not just something you listen to, but something you experience. 

Conclusion: A New Era for Music Lovers 

The launch of Lenbrook’s hi-fi streaming service marks an exciting moment for music lovers. No longer confined to niche markets, high-quality sound is set to become  mainstream, accessible to everyone with a love for music. As we look forward to this innovation, Audioengine continues to develop products that meet this new standard of audio excellence, ensuring that your home music system is not just playing sound, but bringing music to life. 

In conclusion, the future of music listening is bright, and it sounds incredible. Get ready to hear your favorite songs in a way you’ve never heard them before—with clarity, depth, and the emotion of a live performance, all through Lenbrook’s soon to come hi-fi streaming service powered by MQA. 

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