The Audioengine A2 Story: The Desktop Speaker That Took the World by Storm

The Audioengine A2 Story: The Desktop Speaker That Took the World by Storm

Audioengine rewrote the book on desktop audio in 2007 with the introduction of the A2. It was compact, yet it delivered a sound so powerful it defied expectations. Before the A2, quality audio meant a pair of bookshelf speakers and a hefty stereo system. Desktop audio options that offered any comparison to stereo systems were nonexistent. The A2 started a revolution in the desktop and home audio space. 

The Mission Behind Audioengine’s A2: Where It All Began 

When we first designed the A2, it was more than just our second product—it was a promise to deliver your favorite songs exactly as the artist intended, right at your desk. 

Our goal was simple, to create desktop speakers so good that they’d inspire you to listen to music every day. Backed by an avalanche of positive reviews and unsolicited industry praise, the A2 even appeared in scenes from ad campaigns for Google and Apple. The world clearly agreed that the A2 was more than a speaker; it became an essential part of music lovers' daily lives worldwide.

17 Years Later: The Best Desktop Speaker of 2024 

Despite its 17th birthday being around the corner, the A2 continues to be a leader in desktop audio excellence, as evidenced by its rank at the top of several publications reviewing the best desktop speakers of 2024. 

Now known as the A2+, it maintains its original aesthetics with new features like lossless Bluetooth for CD quality wireless streaming and unique hand-painted finishes.  

What is a Home Music System?

A Home Music System is more than just a set of speakers. It's a home audio solution designed to give you the best sound quality, making your music sound as close to the original recording as possible. Home Music Systems like the A2+ focus on delivering high-quality sound be it from old-school vinyl or the latest digital formats, ensuring your music sounds great no matter how you play it.

We've combined classic hi-fi stereo sound quality standards with the latest technology to create speakers that deliver clear, rich, and detailed music. That's why they're not just speakers; they're a complete music experience for your home. 

Building On The A2: The HD3 

Building on the success of the A2, Audioengine didn't rest on its laurels. The HD3 emerged as the next step, incorporating the A2’s DNA while introducing upgraded features that further solidified its place in the market.  

With features like an integrated headphone amplifier, a 24-bit DAC, and extended range wireless connectivity, the HD3 elevated the home listening experience. Its real wood veneer option and detachable magnetic grill not only refined its aesthetic appeal but also demonstrated Audioengine's commitment to quality and detail. 

The Audioengine B2: Redefining Portability 

The introduction of the Audioengine B2 marked a significant expansion of Audioengine's product line. This wireless home music system took the premium sound quality of the A2 and packaged it into a versatile, portable form. Designed for use in your kitchen, patio or bathroom, the B2 offered the flexibility and convenience demanded by modern listeners, without compromising the sound quality that Audioengine is known for. 

A Reflection on Progress 

The A2's introduction set the stage for Audioengine's focus on creating the best sounding desktop audio. This foundation has directly influenced the development of the HD3 and B2.  

The HD3 enhances connectivity and audio quality, embodying the A2's spirit with advanced technology. With the B2, you're getting the A2's unmatched audio quality in a sleek, go-anywhere design. Who says you can't have it all, anywhere you go? 

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