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A2+ Speaker System

A2+ Speaker System

Quick Setup

Step 1 - Connecting the speaker wire

1. Use your thumb and finger to unscrew the connectors.

2. Insert each speaker wire into the holes on the side of connectors.

3. Retighten the connectors with your fingers.

4. The bare portion of the wire should be secured firmly in each connector.

Repeat the procedure to connect the other end of the speaker wire to the other speaker. Check to make sure none of the speaker wire strands have come in contact with a nearby connector.

As the A2+ speakers have the power amplifiers built inside, do not connect the speaker terminals to the speaker outputs of a stereo receiver.

Step 2 - Connecting the Power Supply

Verify that the volume/power switch on the rear panel of the left

speaker is in the OFF position by rotating it counterclockwise

until it clicks off.

1. Connect the cable from the power supply to the left speaker rear panel.

2. Connect the power cable to the other end of the power supply.

3. Connect the power cable to an AC power outlet.

4. Verify that the LED indicator on the power supply is illuminated.

Use only the power supply provided with the speakers.

Step 3 - Connecting an Audio Source

Using the appropriate audio cable, connect the speaker inputs to your audio source (computer, iPhone, iPad, etc.). One example is shown in the diagram.

Another option for connecting a computer to A2+ is via USB audio. Using the included USB cable, connect as shown in the diagram.

For PC, the A2+ should be recognized automatically.For Mac, under System Preferences/Sound/Output, select “Audioengine 2+”


For the full setup guide, download the attached PDF:
A2_plus Setup Guide

A2+ Setup Video

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