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Speaker Setup - How to break in new speakers

So you just got your brand new Audioengine speakers and you’re ready to pull them out of the box and get them set up so you can start rocking out.

Straight out of the box, your speakers should sound great, but what if your speaker setup could sound better with time?

One thing that you can easily do to make that new speaker setup sound top-notch is a thing called “break-in” and it’s actually really simple.

So why would you want to break the speakers in?

The materials we use for our speakers are quite robust, so right after manufacturing they can be a bit stiff.

One way to help out with this stiffness is to break them in so that these materials, such as the rubber surrounds of the aramid fiber drivers, loosen up. As mentioned earlier, the speakers should sound great from your first listen, but after they move around a bit and loosen up you should notice smoother low end response and sweeter mids/highs.

From time to time, we get asked about how to break in new speakers.

The break-in period doesn’t really require anything special other than listening to music and over time your speakers will become more and more broken in.

For proper break in, we generally recommend around 40 to 50 hours of at least mid-level playback before doing any critical listening. Some our customers have mentioned that they play tones or white noise while they are away, such as while they’re at work, to help the process along, but we’d recommend just listening to them normally at a medium-level during the break in period.

Breaking in your new speaker setup is a simple and crucial thing to do to make your speakers sound better and open up their potential. Some things do get better with age!

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