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Audioengine A5+ Wireless Review: Forbes

A5+ Wireless Forbes Review

So excited to find out about our A5+ Wireless Speakers getting mentioned in Forbes as some of the best speakers to buy. Here's what they said:

Trading a little effort for great sound, audiophiles are in luck: there are a lot of choices for computer speaker systems that sound great.

Audiophile computer speakers tend to be larger and more sophisticated than the drab little plastic boxes you may be used to. For good audio reproduction, you can’t bend physics—you’ve got to move air, which requires larger speakers for those low frequencies and more powerful amplifiers to drive it all without distortion. Digital signal processing technology helps shape the sound as well.

A5+ Wireless Speaker

The A5+ Wireless Speaker System

There are 150 watts of power in the A5+ Wireless Speakers, so they’re not only good and loud, but clean, clear and distortion-free. Qualcomm aptX high-definition Bluetooth makes sure that none of that fidelity goes to waste, either. Analog inputs include RCA and a 3.5mm jack. Deeper inside is a built-in 24-bit digital-to-analog converter and class A/B amplifier. There’s even a USB charging port so you can top up your device’s battery as it supplies music for you. The A5+ Wireless Speakers are, of course, a little larger than normal computer speakers because they pack 5” woofers with aramid fiber cones and ¾” silk-dome tweeters, but the big sound makes them worth the space they occupy.

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