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HD4 Home Music System Review - Mac Sources


Everyone has their favorite companies for certain products. It’s what marketing professionals call “brand loyalty.” Brand loyalty is built over time and is nurtured through a strong sense of trust between the consumer and the product designer. Over the years, I’ve become a strong advocate for Audioengine. It’s a name that has always been synonymous with ‘quality’ for me. Since 2019, I’ve had the A2+ Wireless Speaker System powering my audio in my home office and just a few months ago, Audioengine released the HD4 Home Music System and I decided it was time for an upgrade.


The HD4 Home Music System is designed to round out the HD-series from Audioengine. The system is a wireless speaker system that also has wired options for audio inputs. The speakers produce high-fidelity audio that is ideal for smaller spaces. Audioengine packed the same technology that is inside the HD6 into the HD4 size. The speakers are housed inside hand-built wood-veneer cabinets that look great in any environment. The system features Bluetooth aptX-HD for premium, extended-range wireless audio. The speakers are easy to set-up. They don’t require any network connection or passwords. The speakers have a modern, compact design and can be connected to analog devices, such as turntables, as well as wireless devices.


Audioengine has an incredibly easy set-up process and I was thrilled to find that with the HD4 system, they made it even easier. The speakers are accompanied by an antenna, speaker wire, a USB cable, mini-jack audio cable, RCA cable, cloth bags for all the accessories, and an AC power cord. The AC power cord was the kicker for me. One of the most annoying things to me when installing new devices into my workspace is having to work around a power brick. Even my last set of A2+ speaker had a power brick. Audioengine did away with that awful attachment and made it possible for the HD4 speakers to be powered by a single AC power cord. This automatically made the set-up infinitely more exciting to me.

To get the speakers set-up, you have to connect the two speakers using the provided speaker wire. This is another little touch of quality that I love about Audioengine. The speaker wire is wrapped and the ends have banana plugs installed. This makes plugging and unplugging the wire very simple. You don’t have to worry about getting the contacts just right or the ends getting frayed with continued use. The banana plugs help save the cable...

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