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Audioengine A1 Home Music System

Audioengine A1 Home Music System

Brand: Audioengine

Color: Gray


  • POWERFUL DESKTOP COMPUTER SPEAKER SOUND - Based on the award-winning A2, the A1 offers powerful, crystal clear, wired or wireless true stereo sound. Featuring aramid fiber woofers and silk dome tweeters, these desktop speakers deliver crisp sound with incredible imaging and rich detail that brings your music to life.
  • PREMIUM WIRED OR WIRELESS BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS - Whether you want to stream music wirelessly via aptX Bluetooth or connect directly to your turntable or PC, the A1 Wireless Speaker System has you covered. With a wireless range of up to 100ft, you can enjoy your music from anywhere in the house.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - Don't let limited space cramp your style. At 6"H x 4"W x 5.25"D each, the A1 Laptop/Desktop Speaker System fits seamlessly into any room while still delivering expansive, crystal clear sound. Its elegant design in a versatile grey finish offers a modern complement to any small space.
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS INCLUDED - With a pair of home audio speakers, 6.5ft speaker wire, 6ft AC power cord, 5ft mini-jack audio cable, and setup guide included, you'll have everything you need to start enjoying your music right out of the box. Easily connect your phone, tablet, or computer in seconds.
  • WARRANTY - Based in Texas, Audioengine is proud to provide premium US-based customer support and 2 year product warranty.


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Best Use:

  • In Your Workspace

Ideal for:

  • The Phone Fanatic
  • The Freelancer
  • The Budget-Conscious
  • The Turntable Enthusiast

Get More Bang for Your Buck. ALot More Bang.

With the A1 Home Music System w/Bluetooth aptX, you get it all. You get simple setup that leaves you more time to listen to the music you love. You get the option for either wired or wireless connections so you can connect with virtually anything that makes sound. You get Bluetooth aptX for CD-like sound quality. You get outputs that let you connect additional speakers (we recommend the S8 Powered Subwoofer). The only thing you don't get? Sticker shock.

No Lie, You Get True Stereo Sound

Yes, the A1 Wireless Home Music System pumps out incredible, true stereo sound for the ultimate listening experience. But there are two things that set the A1 apart from other music systems in its price range: the left side and the right side. Unlike other systems, the A1 gives you detailed stereo imaging. You won't just hear rich, full sound—you'll become immersed in it.

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How do we know you'll love the A1? Here's how.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Works well in any room, from any device
  • True high-resolution stereo sound
  • Fill up the room with sound, not with ginormous gear
  • High-definition, extended-range wireless aptX Bluetooth
  • The sound is going to knock you off your feet, the price tag won't
  • Made from the best materials, like aramid fiber woofers and silk dome tweeters
  • Built-in power amps wrapped in precision tuned, hand-crafted cabinets

The A1 is a Beast, but it's Not Frankenstein's Monster

In order to get just the right sound from our music systems, they need to be built from just the right components. And in order to do that, we custom design and build everything that goes into our music systems. We don’t rely on whatever’s on the shelf or lying around the factory. This means the A1 features aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, and built-in power amps wrapped in precision-tuned, hand-crafted cabinets. Just like our award-winning A2+ HOME Music System.

They’re everything you’d expect from a high-quality music system, without the high price.

Volume / Power

Stereo mini-jack input

Subwoofer output

Out to right (passive) speaker

Pair button

Power inlet

  • Type

    Powered Bluetooth aptX speaker system

  • Amplifier Type

    Class D

  • Power Output

    60 W peak power total (15 W RMS / 30 W peak per channel), AES

  • Drivers

    2.75” aramid fiber woofers
    0.75“ Silk dome tweeters

What's in the box

  • 1 A1 Home Music System w/ Bluetooth aptX powered (left) speaker

    1 A1 Home Music System w/ Bluetooth aptX passive (right) speaker

    1 Speaker wire (16AWG)

  • 1 AC power cord

    1 Mini-jack audio cable

    1 Mini-jack to RCA adapter

Questions & answers about the

A1 Home Music System w/ Bluetooth aptX

Is it easy to set up the A1?

Yes! We designed the A1 Speaker System for quick and easy setup. First, simply place the speakers in the desired location and connect the AC power cord. Hook up the included speaker wire from the powered (left) speaker to the passive (right) speaker. Then, connect your source device with either of the supplied cables. Additionally, you can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or computer.

If my device doesn't support aptX, can I still use the A1 to wirelessly stream my music?

Yes. In addition to aptX, and the default Bluetooth codec SBC, the A1
supports other high-quality audio codecs, like AAC, for devices that do not support aptX.

Is the A1 designed only for use with Bluetooth devices?

No. The A1 offers wired or wireless playback for extended range streaming via aptX Bluetooth. It can additionally connect to your turntable, computer or TV with a standard AUX cable (3.5mm, 1/8", mini TRS, etc.).

Can I stream music wirelessly to the A1 with an Audioengine wireless adapter instead of Bluetooth?

Yes. The A1 will work with both the Audioengine W3 Audio Adapter and the B-Fi Mulitroom Music Streamer.

What is the wireless range for the A1?

The A1 offers high-definition aptX Bluetooth with an extended range of up to 100 ft.

Do I need to install any special software apps or drivers to wirelessly stream my music through my A1?

No. The A1 is a premium powered, plug and play stereo system that will easily connect to any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or computer in seconds. After a quick setup with the included power cord and speaker wire, immediately start streaming music from your favorite music services (TIDAL, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and more) or directly from your music library.

Will my music have a delay through the A1 if I’m watching a movie or music video?

The A1 is a high-performing, low latency stereo system with high-definition aptX Bluetooth. eamlessly stream movies and YouTube videos without any significant or noticeable lag between video and audio.

Is the A1 Wireless compatible with TIDAL music streaming service?

Yes! With the A1, use any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or computer to wirelessly stream all of your favorite music services, including TIDAL.