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Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Receiver with 5.0 aptX HD - Extended Range and High Fidelity 24 bit DAC Wireless & Streaming Audio Systems

Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Receiver with 5.0 aptX HD - Extended Range and High Fidelity 24 bit DAC Wireless & Streaming Audio Systems



  • PREMIUM BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER - Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Stereo Receivers add high definition wireless audio to any home music system, giving you full control of your music on any device. Connect the B1 Audio Receiver to your music system and stream from any app and Bluetooth-enabled device with gold-plated RCA analog or Optical outputs. No software is needed to make your vintage music system wireless in seconds.
  • INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY - Audioengine Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver breathes new life into your AV receiver or powered speakers by adding Bluetooth connectivity. Listen to music with stunning high quality audio with the latest Bluetooth receiver for home stereo 5.0, aptX HD, aptX, SBC, and AAC (Apple) encoding.
  • BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER FOR TV AND STEREO - Experience up to a 100 ft extended Bluetooth range and a built-in AKM4396 USB DAC for 24 bit playback with the highest quality transmission to your sound system.
  • BLUETOOTH AUDIO ADAPTER AND SUPPLIES INCLUDED - Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Adapter for Stereo Receiver includes B1 Bluetooth Receiver, 3ft RCA audio cable, USB AC power adapter, 6.5ft micro-USB cable, microfiber product bag, and setup guide.
  • WARRANTY - Based in Texas, Audioengine is proud to provide premium US-based customer support and 2 year product warranty.


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Stream Your Digital Music and Other Audio Effortlessly

The fastest way to add life to older systems is with our B1 adapter. It's plug and play. Just connect your receiver, press the pair button, connect with your phone or other device and start streaming.

Sending Out More Than Just Good Vibes

Not only does the B1 let you stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer to any music system or powered speakers, it delivers extended-range, better than CD quality sound anywhere in your home.

Shameless Self-promotion

Here are just a few reasons why you'll love the B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver:

  • Easy setup, connects in seconds
  • No network setup, no passwords, no hassle
  • Extended-range wireless aptX-HD Bluetooth, reaches further with better than CD quality sound
  • Connects to any music system
  • Analog and optical outputs
  • Bluetooth aptX LED indicator
  • Better than CD quality audio with aptX-HD Bluetooth

Simple Setup so No Waiting to Get Down

We figured you wouldn't want to wait or go through some complicated process to get great-sounding wireless music
from your device to any music system.

That's why setup and pairing are so easy. There's no need for custom software, driver, or app. No network setup, passwords to enter, or buttons to push.

Just a couple of simple steps and you're ready to rock.

Extended-Range Wireless Lets You Go Far Out

What good is a wireless system if you have to keep everything close together? The B1's special circuitry and precision-tuned antenna give you incredible, extended-range wireless audio with superior sound.

You Can Hear the Difference

The B1 takes music from your device and sends it out to any music system without losing any sound quality along the way—even to those extended ranges. And it works great with those vintage systems that have been waiting in the wings.

Pair button

Bluetooth antenna

USB power inlet

Optical out

Stereo RCA outputs

  • Bluetooth receiver type

    Bluetooth 5.0

  • Supported Bluetooth codecs

    aptX HD, aptX, AAC, SBC

  • Supported Bluetooth profiles


  • Inputs


  • 1 B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

    1 Power supply w/ detachable AC cord

    1 RCA audio cable

  • 1 Microfiber product bag

    1 Setup guide

Questions & answers about the B1 Bluetooth Music ReceiverSetting up your Bluetooth turntable with your Bluetooth-ready Audi

Connecting a Bluetooth turntable to an Audioengine Bluetooth device

up your Bluetooth turntable with your Bluetooth-ready Audioengine
speakers/components should be simple! First, you would also need to make
sure your Audioengine Bluetooth device is on, in pair mode (LED light
flashing), and near the turntable. Next, you would need to use the
pairing button to send the turntable into pairing mode. Depending on the
turntable, you will need to either press and release the turntable's
pair button or press and hold it; for example, on the Audio Technica
AT-LP60-BT you would need to hold the turntable's pairing button for
about two seconds, until the light flashes different colors. Once the
turntable is in pairing mode, it will search and connect to the nearest
available Bluetooth device. Once the turntable if paired and connected
to your Audioengine Bluetooth device, the pair light on the receiver
should turn solid.

Can I use the B1 with my original A5s?

you can still use the B1 with the original A5 model! With this kind of
setup, you'd just need to use either an RCA to mini-stereo adapter (like
the one that was included with your A5s) or an RCA to mini-stereo
cable. You would just connect the RCA end into the RCA outputs of the B1
and the connect the mini-stereo side to either the top or back
mini-stereo inputs of the A5s.

What if my source doesn't support aptX®? Can I still use B1 and if so, how will it sound?

can absolutely still use the B1, and it will sound great. aptX® is a
high quality Bluetooth audio codec that works really well. With that
said, in addition to mandatory support for SBC, Bluetooth also includes
optional support for many other codecs, like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and
AAC, all of which have their own advantages, and some of which sound
very close to aptX®.

Do I need to install any special drivers for the B1?

extra software or drivers are needed. The B1 is compatible with any
device that supports Bluetooth, and the A2DP profile for streaming
stereo audio. This includes most all Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptop

Does B1 work with any stereo, music system, or powered speakers?

any audio product with a standard analog audio input can connect to B1
with the included RCAs. B1 also includes a digital output so you also
can connect via optical (TOSLINK).