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Audioengine HD3 Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth - 60W Powered Computer Speakers for Desktop Monitor and Home Music System, 24-bit DAC

Audioengine HD3 Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth - 60W Powered Computer Speakers for Desktop Monitor and Home Music System, 24-bit DAC

Brand: Audioengine


  • PREMIUM POWERED DESKTOP SPEAKERS - HD3 Bluetooth speakers are the best speakers to use for gaming monitors, home stereo systems, and more. With extended-range Bluetooth connectivity, these powered speakers can quickly and seamlessly connect to phones, tablets, or computers up to 100 feet away for whole house connectivity.
  • INCREDIBLE CLARITY - The HD3 60 Watt wireless computer speakers deliver true high-fidelity stereo sound that connects effortlessly to any app or device. Features headphone jack, 3.5mm analog and RCA input options, 2.75" custom aramid fiber woofers and .75" silk dome tweeters wrapped in precision-tuned, hand-crafted wood cabinets with RCA output where you can easily daisy-chain a second set of speakers or add a subwoofer.
  • BIG 24 BIT SOUND - These aptX HD Bluetooth speakers for desktops, laptops or bookshelfs pack a big punch with room-filling bass, a variety of connection options, class AB amplifier and a sleek design that looks great in any room. They connect easily to laptops, desktops and stereo receivers right out of the box and feature a removable magnetic speaker grille.
  • INCLUDES - Comes complete with all the essentials including a Bluetooth antenna, 4m speaker wire, power supply & cord, 2m 3.5mm mini-jack audio cable & 2m RCA audio cable, offering a hassle-free audio setup.
  • WARRANTY - Based in Texas, Audioengine is proud to provide premium US-based customer support and 2 year product warranty.


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Best Use:

  • In the bedroom
  • On the desktop
  • In your workspace

Ideal for:

  • The Audiophile
  • The Phone Fanatic
  • The Freelancer
  • The Binge Watcher
  • The Turntable Enthusiast

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Yes, they may be small, but the HD3 is loaded with custom Audioengine components like aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, aptX HD Bluetooth, and built-in power amps. Put all of this in precision-tuned, hand-crafted cabinets and you get clear, full, and powerful audio that can easily fill up any room.

If the Swiss Army Knife Was a Home Music System, It Would Be the HD3

Meet our most-versatile wireless Bluetooth speakers. The HD3 Wireless Music System will work with all your apps, music, and devices so no matter how you listen, the HD3 will make sure you don’t miss a beat. It’s the ultimate music system with wireless and wired connectivity.

Here's Why You'll Declare Your Love for the HD3

  • Small, hand-tuned speakers with a big sound that fills any room
  • aptX-HD Bluetooth delivers CD-like quality sound at extended ranges
  • Hand-built wood cabinets sound better, last longer
  • Simple setup, no receiver needed
  • Bass reduction toggle switch allows you to customize the speakers’ low-end response when adding a subwoofer
  • No network setup, no passwords, no hassle
  • Hand-selected headphone amplifier provides incredibly clear, high-fidelity output to a wide range of headphone impedances
  • Magnetic speaker grille crafted from high-quality materials, looks good on or off

Just like the Good Old Days

Nothing beats the warm, pure tone of an analog amplifier. Which is why you'll find them in Audioengine's HD3 music system. Our built-in analog power amplifiers sound remarkable compared to lower-cost digital amps found in other mass-produced brands. At Audioengine, we're always looking forward. Unless we're talking about amplifiers. And then we're always looking back.

Volume / Power

Headphone out

Bluetooth indicator / pair

Stereo RCA inputs & outputs

Output to right (passive) speaker

Bluetooth antenna

Stereo mini-jack input

USB input

Bass reduction switch

Power inlet

  • Type

    Powered Bluetooth aptX HD speaker system

  • Amplifier Type

    Class AB

  • Power Output

    60 W peak power total (15 W RMS / 30 W peak per channel), AES

  • Drivers

    2.75” aramid fiber woofers
    0.75“ Silk dome tweeters

What's in the box

  • 1 HD3 Home Music System w/Bluetooth aptX-HD powered (left) speaker

    1 HD3 Home Music System w/Bluetooth aptX-HD passive (right) speaker

    1 Antenna

    1 Quality Gold Plated Banana Plugs

    1 Power supply w/ detachable AC cord

  • 1 USB cable

    1 Mini-jack audio cable

    2 Microfiber speaker bag

    2 Microfiber cable bag

    1 Setup guide

Questions & answers about the HD3 Home Music System w/Bluetooth aptX-HD

Can I use an inverter with my HD3 speakers?

Sure, for HD3 you will need an inverter that can supply about 50-60 watts.

Can I use Audioengine speakers with an existing Sonos setup?

Absolutely!  You can connect any Audioengine speaker with an analog output to any Sonos product that has the Line-In feature.  You can also connect any Audioengine passive speakers into an existing Sonos system using the Sonos Amp.

Can I connect Alexa to my wireless Audioengine speakers?

Absolutely! To do so:

  • Open the Alexa App on your smartphone or tablet (Apple link  |  Google Play Link)
  • Tap the “Devices” icon and select the Echo/Alexa device you want to connect to speakers
  • Select “Bluetooth Devices”
  • Select “Pair New Device”
  • Find your Audioengine wireless speaker on the list of available Bluetooth devices, and select it

Can I take my Audioengine HD3 speakers to another country with a different voltage?

Yes, you can. The HD3 speakers use a switching power supply so it will automatically convert to the different voltage. The power cable is also detachable which makes it convenient to replace the AC plug with a different type if you don’t want to use an adapter plug.

Are Audioengine products compatible with Bluetooth 5.0?

Yes! We incorporate all the relevant functions and features from Bluetooth 5.0 that apply to our products! These features include; extended range, low latency (so that video and audio sync properly), as well as higher level aptX-HD, aptX, and AAC codecs (with the exception of our 512 portable speaker which supports SBC only). Keep in mind that the capability of the source is what controls the Bluetooth experience.

If I connect my turntable to Audioengine speakers, do I need a phono preamp? Or can I simply connect the turntable directly to the analog input?

All turntables require a phono preamp stage before connecting to
Audioengine speakers. Many turntables have this built-in , while others do not and would require an external phono preamp. Check the turntable manufacturer’s website or user manual. Some turntables may even include Bluetooth, in which case you can pair and connect them to the speakers

Do Audioengine speakers have an auto-sleep, idle, or auto-power-off function? Can I leave them on all the time?

Yes they do! They are equipped with a power-saving circuit that turns off the speaker's final stage amp. This idle mode activates right after you stop playing music. Due to this power-saving function, it's perfectly fine for the speakers to stay on all the time!

Is it possible to have simultaneous connections to the HD3?

Yes, there are multiple audio inputs on Audioengine powered speakers and both inputs are "open" or active so you can leave your audio sources connected at the same time.

If I connect my turntable to the HD3 will it be necessary to purchase a phono preamp or can I simply connect the turntable directly to the HD3 input?

Some turntables will need a preamp before being connected and others may have one built-in. Check the turntable manufacturer’s website or user manual.

The HD3 has a built in USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC), but can I also use a different DAC?

While the HD3 has a fantastic 24-bit DAC, you can always run your own
external DAC to the speakers by connecting to the analog inputs.

Just how easy is it to set up the HD3 Home Music System with Bluetooth?

Our HD3's are an all-in-one system with no extra components needed except your phone or computer. Simply place the speakers where you want them and connect the power supply. Next, connect the powered speaker to the right passive speaker using the included upgraded speaker wire with
banana plug tips. Finally, plug in your music (cell phone, turntable,
computer, laptop, etc.) with the supplied cables or via Bluetooth and
you're ready to go!

Here is a quick video that can be used as a reference:

HD3 Setup Video

(Please note - there is no audio associated with the video.)

Can I use the HD3 with other tablets or smartphones like Samsung Galaxy or Microsoft Surface?

Absolutely! This is especially useful for connecting wired with newer Smartphones that do not have a headphone jack output. You'll need the correct USB-A adapter cable to connect from your tablet to the USB input on the HD3. These are generally available from the manufacturer of your tablet/smartphone, local electronic stores, or even online retailers.

Does HD3 come with speaker grills?

The HD3 speakers do include detachable magnetic grills. The grills have thin rubber pads to prevent marks or damage to the finish or the cabinet, so your HD3s will keep looking great even if you like to remove / replace them frequently!