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Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

Some of our customers have asked us, “what’s the best Bluetooth speaker for iPhone?” Since Bluetooth is becoming more accessible, better sounding, and more convenient than using cables, it isn’t surprising that this question has come up.

While we offer a few different speaker options with built-in Bluetooth receivers, finding the one that’s the best Bluetooth speaker for iPhone can really come down to the size that would work best for your room and any additional features you’re looking for.

First up, we have our Audioengine B2 Wireless Speaker. The B2 was designed to be a standalone wireless speaker that is easy to set up and delivers great sounding audio.

The B2 sounds similar to our A2+ speakers; think of it as the A2+ turned their sides and encased in a single solid-wood veneer cabinet.

Even though the B2 is in a single cabinet, you’re still getting a stereo sound; the left and right channels are separated in the cabinet so there wouldn’t be any unwanted resonance. The B2 works great as an easy-listening, background music solution whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or throwing a small party.

Next, we have the HD3 Wireless Speakers. The HD3 is a pair of desktop speakers that is loaded with features, such as a built-in Bluetooth receiver, USB input, two analog inputs, and an RCA output for a powered subwoofer. Since the HD3 features a left and right speaker, it allows you to spread the stereo imaging apart, unlike the B2.

The HD3 not only works for playing music while sitting at your desk, but it also works great in small rooms and offices.

Not to mention that it made PC Magazine's 2018 Best Wireless Speakers list.

Finally, there’s the HD6 Wireless Speakers. Bigger than it's little brother the HD3, the HD6 is able to be played louder and deliver more bass than the HD3s, making it great for larger rooms.

Along with Bluetooth connectivity, the HD6 also sports an optical input so you can easily connect it to your TV. Just like the HD3, we’ve also included two analog inputs and an RCA output so you can make this the ultimate music-listening, television-watching speaker setup.

It’s hard to say for sure what exactly the best Bluetooth speaker for the iPhone is, but between our options for wireless speakers, you shouldn’t have an issue finding speakers that not only have sound great but are perfect for your needs and space.

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Need some more input, ask your fellow music lovers what speakers they are using and why they love them.

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