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Don’t Buy a Wireless Music System Without Reading This

Do a quick search on “Bluetooth Audio System,” you will immediately find yourself in a very confusing place.

All kinds of equipment will pop right up; including headphones, audio receivers, powered speakers, you name it.

You’ll see a variety of outdated styles as well as some futuristic-looking devices of all shapes, sizes, colors, and most importantly, prices.

This will forever be too much information to sufficiently sift through and absorb, so let’s go over a few things you need to look for when going wireless with your music.

Wireless Speakers Buying Guide

Input Options

Maybe right now you’re strictly in the market for wireless audio and nothing else. But one day you’ll find yourself wanting to listen to music or watch movies on a device that has no Bluetooth audio output, and then what?

It’s always best to have options when it comes to music inputs; wireless, RCA, mini-jack, USB, optical, etc. There are a few quality Bluetooth systems out there that will offer one or two analog inputs, but for the most part, a Bluetooth system is going to be a one-trick-pony with minimal inputs.

To address this, Audioengine’s many music systems not only come in different designs but are equipped with multiple audio inputs. These input options vary from model to model, but you will always have the luxury of connecting additional devices via a traditional analog input. Whether you just need the Audioengine B2 Wireless Speaker for a convenient bedroom speaker or the HD6 Wireless Speakers for the most coveted home theater setup in the whole neighborhood, Audioengine makes connecting multiple devices simple and convenient.

Sound Quality and Range

While this one may seem like a given, it’s actually a pretty difficult thing to achieve when it comes to Bluetooth.

Not only that but without actually knowing what some key technical terms mean, you will potentially find yourself trying to decode a whole bunch of industry jargon that usually boils down to “affordable but unbearable to listen to.”

Let’s go over some of the features that give Audioengine Speakers their unmatched sound quality, and break down the vocabulary terms as we go.

Audioengine also uses Bluetooth aptX and aptX-HD “codecs”, both of which are enhanced Bluetooth codec with superior sound. AptX and AptX-HD are the latest and greatest things in Bluetooth audio -- basically, the technology has advanced to the point where wireless audio sounds just as good (or maybe even a little better) than using wires. Audioengine designers have also added some additional magic with 24-bit converters in the signal path for a warmer and more finished sound.

The problem is, most music systems haven’t implemented this feature yet, so just about anything you come across (other than Audioengine) won’t give you the option to experience this milestone in Bluetooth technology.

Last on this topic, is the wireless range. To be broad, Bluetooth range usually isn’t all that great.

Signals are easily blocked by things like drywall, aluminum, cement, thick wood, etc. There aren’t many products that can offer the 100 Bluetooth range of our Audioengine Wireless Speakers, so if you need wireless audio to transmit across more than 1 room in your house, come check us out.


Price is a tricky little beast when it comes to Bluetooth audio systems. In most cases, you will get what you pay for.

With that in mind, it’s best to remember that you are not only paying for wireless Bluetooth technology, but you are also paying for the speakers or headphones themselves. So if a buy one get one deal on a random brandless pair of $24 Bluetooth speakers sounds too good to be true...well, you get the point.

However, the reason price is a tricky thing to assess is because Bluetooth speakers shouldn’t be $24, but they also shouldn’t be $2,400.

The fact is, if a designer has done their research and created an efficient product, Bluetooth technology shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Be careful when a Bluetooth system touts itself as the best sounding speaker in the world, but also wants you to sign over the deed to your house as collateral.

Audioengine has, in fact, done the research and created a number of efficient, top-shelf speakers with cutting-edge Bluetooth integration.

We can, in all confidence, offer the best sound quality with the longest range on the market, and it won’t cost a fortune...not even close.

Browse our unique line of Bluetooth Speakers today to find what best suits your needs.

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