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Going wireless is easy with the right set of speakers.

When it comes to your stereo speaker system, there are plenty of options and styles from which you can choose, but one of the more popular selections – and one that the Audioengine staff would highly recommend– is that of a wireless setup.

Wireless stereo speakers provide you with all the advantages of a stereo sound system without limiting yourself to old-school methods of setup, giving you freedom in your listening with flexible connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, and even make it possible for you to reposition the speakers themselves and focus your music to different areas of your home.

When you purchase wireless stereo speakers, it’s important to be sure that the set you want is compatible with any other sound equipment you possess, as well as your specific computer model or stereo device. Most wireless stereo speakers are clearly labeled with these key points, but it helps to know what you’re looking for ahead of time. For example, if having wireless stereo speakers that can tune into WiFi connections is important to you, you’ll need to make sure that the brand you prefer carries a model with those specifications. Most wireless stereo speakers can sync up with a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets or smartphones, so that is another feature to pay attention to as you shop for the best wireless stereo system for your needs.

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Audioengine offers a few models of wireless stereo speakers that are built to make listening to music in your home both easier and more enjoyable. Sets like the HD6 wireless speakers are ready to tap into streaming services and your devices with Bluetooth technology and simple setup. Others, like our HD3 wireless speakers, even come equipped with a headphone connection for enhanced listening and more versatility.

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