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An Introduction to: Wireless Home Speakers?

Why go wireless?

If you haven’t used them before, wireless speakers might sound like a hassle to set up, connect to, and maintain in your home. The truth is, getting your wireless speaker system started doesn’t take much and can easily be done in a matter of minutes.

With all of the mobile technology available at our fingertips, there’s no reason to be tied down to one method of listening to your music; whether it’s your phone, laptop or tablet, your streaming sources are unlimited when you go wireless.

One of the greatest benefits to adopting a wireless speaker system is getting rid all of those unsightly wires running along your floors and behind entertainment centers. This alone gives you plenty of options for placing your wireless speakers where they will work best for your listening experience. Not to mention that without all of the wires and confusing installation instructions, you’re free to connect them to your phone, computer or tablet via Bluetooth and start enjoying them right away.

It’s fairly simple to connect directly to Pandora, Spotify, or any other music streaming source you prefer as long as you follow instructions. Audioengine’s wireless speakers, for example, are designed so that once they’re turned on, you need only activate Bluetooth in your device’s settings menu and select the correct speaker to connect.

If you do run into trouble installing or connecting to your new speakers, our Audioengine support reps are ready to step in and show you the best possible solution for the issue.

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Our technology

At Audioengine, we provide only the best products. Currently, we have a few varieties of wireless home speakers, including the B2 wireless speaker, which boasts an easily adapted Bluetooth wireless system for your phone, and the HD6 wireless speaker with versatile power and connectivity features. We also are readily available to answer any of your questions, so you not only get the awesome sounding audio you want, but also the tools to make it fit right into your home.

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